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Wooliee Voucher

Wooliee Voucher

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Not sure which Wooliee you want to gift to your loved one?

Pick a VOUCHER so they can shop around through our collection and pick the Wooliee they really want!

How does the Voucher work?

1. A unique discount code will be sent to you via e-mail for a 100% discount on any Wooliee.

2. You can give your code to anyone to make a purchase in our store and use the voucher as 100% discount for their purchase.

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BBQ Bonfire Hoodie Blanket Autumn

Hoodie or Blanket - you call it

☑️ Combination of a warm blanket and a huge hoodie.

☑️ Puts an instant smile to whoever puts it on!

☑️ Makes a great gift for any holiday or occasion. It comes wrapped, ready to gift! 🎁

Our reviews don’t lie! They wear their Wooliee while watering flowers, during autumn day and while cosying up by the campfire at the cottage frying marshmallows.

It replaces all the clothes you need at home. It's not afraid of camping trips. It's warm, comfy and practical. Brilliant in its simplicity - It's a Wooliee!

  • One Size Fits All

    6XXL Hoodie Fits Everyone

  • Giant Pocket

    Fits all your gadgets and snacks

  • Express Shipping

    Available in case you need it ASAP

  • Easy Care

    Simple wash with mild detergents

Kids Hooded Blanket for Christmas Sale

Coziness for everyone

With multiple colours and one-size-fit design, Wooliee is the gift for everyone in your life. Well.. everyone who likes to be comfy.

We make it easy to share the gift of comfort with your loved ones, which is why we offer bundle deals. The more you buy, the more you save.

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